The Suffolk County United Veterans Project, Inc. (SCUVP) was founded in 1989 to assist homeless veterans regain their dignity and independence. Residents are former members of the military who struggle with the problems of substance abuse and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and who have not been able to succeed in any alternate form of treatment.


If its good for the vet…do it!

The Suffolk County United Veterans Project, Inc. (SCUVP) was started in 1989 when two veterans discovered an old Army buddy living in a dumpster behind a fast-food outlet. Some research revealed that many veterans had fallen through the safety net and were living in similar fashion.

Our veterans come from all the different communities, ethnicities, and backgrounds of America. They share a love for our nation and willingness to risk their lives for it.  Unfortunately, after their tour of duty, they re-enter civilian life carrying emotional and psychological scars. Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), emotional dislocation, alcoholism and substance abuse, make transition to civilian  life difficult for even the most determined veterans. After a series of setbacks, all too many find themselves homeless, marginalized, and addicted.

Breaking the Cycle…

The Suffolk County United Veterans Project, Inc. endevors to break the cycle of homelessness by giving the veteran the tools he needs to stabilize his housing, increase his income and gain greater self-determination.

There are several SCUVP sites in Suffolk County. Our facilities house up to 60 men. All veterans share in the cooking and cleaning. Veterans seeking help are never turned away. In essence, we are a self-managed, self-governing community of vets who draw on their common experiences and help each other remain sober and rejoin society.

In the past, we have successfully provided vets with three levels of housing (emergency, transitional and permanent) congruent with the individual veterans progression through levels of recovery. Secondly, we have helped veterans empower themselves by being a nexus of services, information and referral to community resources. Through informed empowerment and advocacy, vets are beginning to hold themselves and service providers accountable for change.

Suffolk County United Veterans Project, Inc.’s goals are simple. We provide veterans with continuous housing and support through all levels of recovery; we empower vetrans with information and support; and we serve as an advocate for program changes that will benefit the veteran.