Great news for our clients!



  • A quad-band GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) modem
  • Opitonal GSM dial-tone service via speaker-microphone
  • Optional SMS text alerts of events
  • 12-channel Advance-GPS receiver
  • 8 Geofencing
  • 2 digital inputs sense lines
  • 1 digital output control line
  • 1 RS-232 serial port (3-wire)
  • Internal 1-hour battery source
  • Passive tracking when ‘out of service’


  • 5-minute updating (IGN is ON)
  • 1-hour updating (IGN is OFF)
  • Immediate reporting: IGN change, speeding, input change, Polling, Geofencing change
  • Over-the-air reprogramming


  • UTC, Latitude, Longitude, Heading, Velocity, Status (IGN, Speeding, Inputs, Panic), Idle time

Great News for our clients!!

Our drop off bins are now equipped with GPS Recovery devices to better track down those individuals and illegal entities who feel they have to take away from those in need.

Buenas noticias para nuestros clientes!

Nuestras cajas de donación están ahora equipados con unidades GPS. También ofrecemos una recompensa por información que conduzca al arresto y condena de los partidos responsables de los daños y los robos de nuestros contenedores.

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